If you need to contact Synseal Group with a question about an order or a problem, we recommend you "Submit a Ticket" to this Helpdesk, so the most appropriate department can be assigned to help you. You can do this by clicking +New Support Ticket.

Synseal Group Helpdesk has been designed so that our customers can track their enquiries in real time and find out which member of the Synseal team is dealing with that enquiry. As information is all stored centrally, it allows you to keep track of the history of your question and see any emails, notes or attachments that our team include to help solve your problem faster.

Please feel free to be as thorough and detailed in your ticket as you wish. The more information we have, the more accurately (and quickly) we can assign a member of staff to respond to you.

You can also email our customer service team via the following email addresses:

K2 Conservatories: customerservices@k2conservatories.co.uk

Evolve: evolveaftercare@synseal.com

Bar length: barlengthcustomercare@synseal.com

WarmCore: warmcoreafterservice@synseal.com

Global: customercare@synseal.com

Sheerframe: sheerframeaftercare@synseal.com

Masterdor*: info@masterdor.co.uk

General Synseal Group enquiries: enquiries@synseal.com

*Please note that we have a separate team of experts who deal with Masterdor enquiries. These are not currently managed through Helpdesk. 

While we strongly encourage our customers to take advantage of the benefits of using Helpdesk, we recognise that sometimes you would prefer to make a phone call. If so, please call  01623 443 200 and you will be passed on to the person best placed to help with your enquiry. 


Please be aware that we handle a large number of enquiries via numerous company departments and we will do out best to get an appropriate answer to your enquiry as soon as possible.