More consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of glass roofing compared with polycarbonate. Aside from aesthetics, Glass tends to have a much longer life span compared to other roofing products and coupled with the ease of maintenance, it is now a preferred option by many discerning consumers.


The Celsius range was one of the first glazing options on the market to offer the unique combination of heat reflection AND thermal insulation, but Celsius has even more benefits.


Rainfall and traffic noise are dramatically reduced when compared to 25mm polycarbonate. The argon gas filled units reduce the noise even further as well as offering greater insulation properties.


With our Celsius One and Celsius Elite products, destructive UV rays are reduced by up to 88%, thus offering protection for furniture and fabrics from sun damage. Additionally Celsius Clear, with its neutral tinted appearance for side frames and certain roof installations, makes the Celsius range the complete performance glazing solution.


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