Orangeries date back to the 18th Century, and were the original inspiration for the modern Conservatory. These traditional buildings/extensions typically had brick corner pillars, with brickwork all around the side windows, with a large lantern glass roof positioned on top.

While there are many variations of design, typically the internal design includes a wide soffit (the area between the top of the windows and the edge of the glass roof) extending into the room. This ceiling area allows for decoration options not necessarily available in standard conservatories, while the glass roof area sets them apart from a solid roof house extension, bringing more light in.

The K2 orangery system has been designed to allow the complete range of designs, to include a wide gutter roof sat on frames (the Venetian), or sat on a parapet wall (the Integra). Alternatively the system can be used for a flat roof look. And for those looking for something a little simpler K2 offers an add-on kit to fit on a standard conservatory (The Capella)

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