This can vary depending upon which style of conservatory and orangery you compare - but the main distinctions are:

• Conservatories are mainly constructed from Glass panels, with the only brickwork being perhaps a Dwarf Wall for the window frames to sit upon (for those that prefer not to choose full height glass). Orangeries in their purest form are styled as per house walls (mainly brick with inset window frames) up to the roof, where an inset glass roof is added.

• Generally with an orangery the 'edges' where a conservatory roof meets with the top of the side window frames are not visible from ground level, as the roof is inset.

• Internally the appearance is of a wide soffit (the area between the top of the windows and the edge of the glass roof) extending into the room. This area of solid roof allows decorative options not always possible in standard Conservatories. This area is often considered to give a more 'solid' appearance to the construction.

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