This really depends upon your budget and requirements from the space. Reasons to choose an orangery over a conservatory could be:

• You considered building a standard solid roof extension, but are concerned it will make other living areas in the house too dark (the large amount of glass in an orangery allowing extra natural light inside)

• You've had a conservatory in the past and wish to try something different.

• You wish to incorporate interior design features that are difficult with conservatories. For example, the internal soffit is often used for installing downlighters, audio system speakers or pull down cinema screens. In conservatories such items may have to be restricted to internal walls or underneath box gutter areas.

• A conservatory may to be too 'open' and cause you privacy concerns in your particular location, and so the higher amount of brickwork and lower glass area may address this.

• Depending on the design, you may be able to go open-plan from your house to your orangery, having no internal doors in the way, as are typically required for a conservatory due to building regulations. Ask your installer for advice.

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