K2 produce 2 different orangery systems (demonstrated through the 4 main construction styles shown on this website) for a range of solutions covering all budgets and tastes.

The Capella style utilises a traditional conservatory build, but with added components to give an appearance closer to a traditional orangery, but at a lower cost. This system can even be retro-fitted to some existing conservatories.

Our Integra style replicates the traditional orangery appearance the closest, requiring the brick build walls and windows you would expect, and then utilising the K2 Orangery System to create the box gutters and allow for the inset lantern roof.

Our Rio style demonstrates the flat roof approach, where the lantern is visibly 'sat' on top, as with the Integra it utilises the K2 Orangery System to create the box gutters.

The Venetian system utilises the structural aluminium legs used for large scale portal builds, to allow roof similar to the Integra (large gutters and inset roof), but without the need for the considerable supporting brickwork. This system is ideal for those wishing to incorporate large bi-folding doors into their design.

More information about K2 Orangeries can be found by visiting www.k2conservatories.co.uk/orangery-styles