Your first step should be to type your question into the box you see upon first visiting the Helpdesk (it has the words "Search using a keyword or a full question" in it).

This will automatically search our Solutions / Knowledge base to see if there's anything in there that might answer your question for you. You are also free to browse by clicking the Solutions option in the menu which is particularly helpful if you have several things to look for.

If nothing there seems to help, then please "Submit A Ticket" using one of the buttons on your screen.

This will present you with a basic form to fill in. We require an email address so that we can reply to you, a Subject (a brief version of your query), and then in the Description as much detail about your enquiry as you can provide. The more detail you provide, the easier it will be for us to understand and respond to your enquiry. It is also possible to add attachments here if you wish to send us any photos or documents relating to your query.

Press Submit, and you're done!

You will then automatically receive emails acknowledging you have raised a Helpdesk Ticket, and giving you the option to complete your registration on the Helpdesk simply by clicking a link and choosing a password. Completing your registration in this way allows you to access your ticket online at any time to read, or re-read the responses, and add additional information to your ticket if perhaps you realised you forgot to tell us something important. 

Being registered will also ensure that any future Tickets are automatically linked to your account history, giving us a fuller picture of your query and any previous ones relating to it.

You are of course welcome to use the Helpdesk without completing your registration, but you will only receive our responses by email, and have no way to access your tickets online.