The Helpdesk automatically assigns your ticket to the relevant department using the information you provided in your query.

Those departments have staff members assigned to watch for, and respond to new tickets. We aim to respond to all tickets within two working days although this may take longer when we are very busy and when your enquiry may be more complex and involved input from members of our technical staff.

Please note: If you send in more than one question, it is quite possible that you will receive answers from different members of staff, and even different departments, who may not immediately be aware of any other questions or answers provided. Accordingly, please deal with each question individually should you with to reply to any answers given.


For example:

In the morning you send Question 1. In the afternoon you send in Question 2.

The following day you receive Answer 1 to Question 1, and after realising you need to supply more information for Question 2 you decide to email again. You should NOT do this by replying to Answer 1. 

Questions & Answers are connected together, to allow an efficient and coherent response to enquiries.