The "Type of Enquiry" is a drop-down option used to determine which department your enquiry is best suited to assist you. If your ticket can not be resolved by that particular department, it will be re-allocated to someone who will be able to help, so don't worry too much if you select the wrong category.

A number of different people use this Helpdesk including trade customers, homeowners and suppliers, so please note that not all types of enquiry will be relevant to you.

A rough guideline to choosing from the available options is:

• General Enquiry: Anything that doesn't fit into the other Types, selected by default, and you are welcome to send any enquiry here if you are unsure.

• Technical Support: Anyone with a query about something specifically technical in nature, i.e. "I'm having trouble installing part no. X1234, is it suitable for my installation?"

• (Trade Only) Customer Services: Trade customers looking for assistance with an Order they have placed.

• (Trade Only) Marketing Query: Trade customers needing assistance with the marketing support K2 offers.

Homeowners should use the General Enquiry category to send in any questions they have about Synseal Group products.