Synseal Group is a manufacturer of a wide range of fenestration products which are sold only to fabricators and their installers. Many of our products need to be fabricated to specific requirements before they are suitable to be sold to homeowners. For this reason, we are unfortunately not able to sell products directly to homeowners.

We can support homeowners with maintenance advice and hold information on our websites and via Synseal Group Helpdesk which may be helpful. However if you think that one of our products installed in your home needs repairing or replacement parts, in most cases you will need to contact an installer to get the job fixed. 

To find a Synseal registered installer near you, you can search via postcode on the Synseal homeowner website. If you are looking to buy a K2 conservatory or have a problem with one already installed, you can use the K2 Directory on our website to find an installer near you.