We aim to respond to customer enquiries as quickly as possible, but the time it takes for us to get back to you will depend on the nature of your enquiry.

If the question or problem requires input from our technical experts, it may take some time for our teams to find the right individual to address your concerns and for them to find an appropriate solution. In these circumstances, it may take longer than usual for us to resolve your enquiry.

If you think you have not had a suitable or timely response, you can access your enquiry ticket in Helpdesk to track the progress of your enquiry and see which team member is currently dealing with it and whether they have added any notes or information. You can also add an additional comment or further information to prompt our team in case their has been an error in not getting back to you.

Remember, Helpdesk also contains the answers to a lot of our frequently asked questions, and is easy to search for answers.